great-tastes-of-manitoba-season-34-show-1-cook-once-eat-twicebabaduke Great Tastes of Manitoba Season 34 Show 1: Cook Once Eat Twice - Manitoba Chicken
Great Tastes of Manitoba | Manitoba Chicken | Season 34 Show 1

We will re-share our first Great Tastes of Manitoba show of season 34 “Cook Once Eat Twice” on Saturday, February 10 at 6:30 pm on CTV Winnipeg.

Gina Sunderland, Food & Consumer Relations Specialist and host Dez Daniels showcased how to roast whole chicken to perfection and then went on to sharing how to create two delicious, brand new recipes from roast chicken: Chicken Lime and Cheese Quesadillas and delicious Warm Chicken Potato Salad. And new this year, you’ll be temped to go online for our third delicious recipe, Chicken and Chickpea Salad, a tasty way to repurpose your roast chicken. We love these quick and tasty recipes that will allow home cooks to create, brand-new entrées in their home kitchens from cooked roast chicken. All three of these recipes are family-friendly, and even the youngest family member can get in the kitchen to help prepare them.

This season we’ve continued the tradition of featuring our Manitoba farms by introducing you to some of the hard-working families who produce the food for our recipes. On this show, we’ll be introducing you to Janet and Jeff Friesen and their family.

Growing up on the farm, Janet loved the constant presence of her parents and the fact that farming was a family affair. She wanted to pass that lifestyle on to her own children. Her dream became a reality when she and her husband Jeff were able to purchase her 3rd generation chicken farm in 1998. Working with animals has always been a passion for both Janet and Jeff and they have passed that knowledge and interest on to their 5 children. On their broiler chicken farm, like all Canadian broiler farms, the chickens are free run and always have full access to nutritious feed and clean water. Scales, water meters, electronic ventilation controls and surveillance cameras allow the family to monitor the barn conditions throughout the day. Family members also walk through the barn at least twice per day to ensure that everything is working properly, and that the environment is optimized for the chickens at every stage of life. This minute-by-minute monitoring is one of the reasons farmers like Janet and Jeff can grow chickens more efficiently than their family members did a generation ago. What hasn’t changed over the generations is the fact that it’s still a family venture. Janet credits her kids as being integral members of the farm team and says she hopes to see their farming legacy continue.  A sincere, thank you to Janet and Jeff  and their family for sharing their story.

Find the “Cook Once Eat Twice” recipe segments here:

Chicken Lime & Cheese Quesadillas

Chicken & Warm Potato Salad

Chicken & Chickpea Salad