Canada’s Chicken Supply Management

Canadian hatching egg and chicken farmers operate under a system called supply management. Supply management was developed by farmers in the 1960s to counter extreme highs and lows in the industry. Today, hatching egg, chicken, egg, turkey, and dairy farmers all operate under the supply management system.
Supply management consists of 3 important pillars: production management, pricing mechanism, and import controls.

  1. Production management
    Farmers operate under a quota system to ensure a steady supply meets the demand for the product.
    Quota systems prevent surpluses and shortages, so consumers have access to affordable, fresh chicken year-round. 
  2. Pricing mechanism
    Farmers receive a fair price for their product to cover production costs. Supply management does NOT, however, set retail prices.
    Supply-managed farmers are not given subsidies and are able to make a decent living. Therefore, farmers can re-invest into their operations as well as their communities and the economy. 
  3. Import controls
    The government of Canada has committed to limiting imports, thus keeping most of the chicken Canadian.
    Consumers can be assured they always have access to high-quality Canadian chicken.