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Busting Chicken Farming Myths

Are chickens raised in cages?

Broiler breeders (layers) and broilers (meat chickensare free-run. Free-run means chickens roam freely throughout clean, spacious, well-ventilated barns.

Are chickens fed hormones and steroids so that they grow quickly?

No. Added hormones and steroids are NOT allowed in chicken farming. They have been banned since the 1960s.

Are chickens factory-farmed?

There are no factory farms in Canada. 97% of farms in Manitoba are family-owned and operated.

Does chicken meat contain antibiotics?

The chicken you eat does not contain antibiotics.

Are chickens force-fed?

Chickens always have access to plenty of healthy, grain-based feed and water. They eat and drink when they choose.

Why are chickens raised in barns?

Barns keep chickens safe from predators and disease and are also helpful in regulating temperature, keeping chickens comfortable throughout our changing seasons.