great-tastes-of-manitoba-season-34-show-2-most-loved-recipesbabaduke Great Tastes of Manitoba Season 34 Show 2: Most Loved Recipes - Manitoba Chicken
Great Tastes of Manitoba Season 34 Show 2: Most Loved Recipes

We share our second Great Tastes of Manitoba show of season 34 “Most Loved Recipes” on Saturday, April 27 at 6:30 pm on CTV Winnipeg.

Gina Sunderland, Food & Consumer Relations Specialist RD and host Dez Daniels showcased some of our “most loved” Manitoba Chicken recipes, including our tasty Chicken Teriyaki Bowls and Chicken with Apricots Rosemary & Ginger. New to the show this season, we featured a third online-only recipe, Chicken & Sweet Potato Skillet Pie, an amazing one-pan dish featuring ground chicken, topped with sweet potatoes and whipped ricotta cheese. We love how these flavourful recipes allow home cooks to create, new entrées in their own kitchens. All three recipes are family-friendly, and everyone can help to help prepare them!

This season we’ve continued the tradition of featuring our Manitoba farms by introducing you to some of the hard-working families who produce the food for our recipes. On this show, you’ll meet Kevin and Laurel Plett and their family.

What comes to mind when you think of winter in Manitoba? Hockey, of course! Like so many Manitoba families, Kevin and Laurel spend a lot of their free time at the rink. When they aren’t busy with games and practices in town, the family can be found playing hockey on the outdoor rink they built on their Manitoba broiler chicken farm. It may be cold on the ice but it’s nice and toasty inside the barn. On the day of our visit it was -4 Celsius outside, but inside the barn it was +27 degrees, the perfect temperature for 3-day old chicks. Chicken farming relies on some very precise science. Small shifts in temperature or humidity can have an impact on the chicken’s health; therefore, conditions are monitored very closely in the barn at all times. In Manitoba, chickens are raised in barns not only for protection from the harsh winter weather, but also for protection from predators and diseases that are carried by migratory birds. This protection ensures Manitobans have access to fresh, local chicken year-round. Having the space to build an outdoor rink is a privilege that not many farm families can enjoy, but the Pletts also do it because they are dedicated to caring for their animals. Finding avenues for entertainment at home is imperative for young families who know that their first priority always has to be the wellbeing of their livestock. Hockey is a passion that brings Kevin, Laurel and their three boys together, and they are happy to be able to share their rink with friends, family and teammates. A sincere, thank you to Kevin and Laurel and their family for sharing their story.


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