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Meet Roland and Liane Poiron and family of Poiron Ventures

Roland (Rolly) and Liane have always loved the rural lifestyle and knew they wanted to raise their children close to their farming roots, but owning a farm wasn’t a viable option for them for many years. In the meantime, they pursued other careers, started a family, and became involved in volunteer work in their small community.

Returning to Farming

In 2017 they applied to the Manitoba Chicken Producers new entrant program. They, along with their extended family, were extremely excited about the chance to farm again. Today Rolly and his brother run the farm together and although they are first generation chicken farmers, they aren’t new to farming. They are committed to maintaining a very high level of biosecurity. A clean environment is necessary to raise a healthy flock, and chicken farmers in Manitoba and across Canada must adhere to very strict national “Raised by a Canadian Farmer” biosecurity standards. This includes limiting access to the barns, disinfecting anything that enters the barn, and changing footwear to avoid bringing in any harmful pathogens from the outside environment.

The Poirons understand that when raising livestock, the details matter. They monitor everything from the quality of their water to the air flow and light levels in the barn to provide an optimal environment for their chickens.

View the Poirons Day in a Life Video for a full appreciation of their life on a Manitoba chicken farm:


Extending a sincere, heartfelt thank you to Rolly and Liane and their family for sharing their story.