learn-to-make-chicken-teriyaki-poke-bowlsbabaduke Learn to Make: Chicken Teriyaki Bowls! - Manitoba Chicken

If you’re looking for a nutritious, colorful meal idea you’ve come to the right place! We are pleased to share our brand-new Chicken Teriyaki Poke Bowl recipe with you.

Origin of Bowls Comes from the Original Hawaiian Poke Bowls
The Poke Bowl comes from Hawaiian cuisine and “poke” represents raw deboned fish that is often served with a side or main dish. Poke Bowls have gained popularity in Western cuisine – many restaurants serve bowls and recipes for making them are becoming widely available. We’ve added a twist to the classic poke bowl by subbing the fish for chicken.

Poke Bowls Offer Versatility
What we love about the Poke Bowl meal concept is the versatility of this dish. There are so many ingredient options you can choose from – prepare your own bowl based on your vegetable preferences or simply use up the ingredients you have on hand. This chicken bowl is a great option to pack for your lunch if you are heading to work or school, or if you are looking for a nourishing diner that can be made in under 30 minutes.

Food safety
Don’t forget, when handling raw chicken and vegetables it is important to use different cutting boards. Prepare raw chicken on a glass or plastic cutting board that can go in the dishwasher or be sanitized and use a different board for cutting vegetables to prevent cross-contamination. Opt for a plastic easy-to-wash cutting board for chicken and a wooden cutting board for vegetables – this allows for separation and easy identification of which one was used for raw chicken.

Easy Marinade
This Poke bowl is a stellar simple recipe, but what really stands out is the easy teriyaki sauce used for marinating the chicken and for dressing the bowl. This marinade can be prepared the night before or 30 minutes before cooking the chicken. We love how flexible the recipe is: it doesn’t require a lot of preparation time and the chicken gets amazing flavour from the teriyaki marinade. The best part? Instead of making a different sauce, you simply reserve half for drizzling over the bowl once you’ve assembled it. Click here for the full recipe.

Packing Lunch
If you are searching for an easy meal prep lunch idea this poke bowl is a great option! With all the fresh vegetables, chicken and rice this nutritious bowl is satisfying enough to keep you full throughout the afternoon. Leave the teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise on the side to ensure the vegetables don’t get soggy and you’ve got lunch prepped. If you’re looking for more variety for your lunches, you can simply opt for different vegetable choices.

Credit: Thank you to Jenna Kendall, our 2020 summer student for creating this delicious recipe and for preparing this blog.