looking-ahead-to-national-chicken-monthbabaduke Looking Ahead to National Chicken Month - Manitoba Chicken

September is National Chicken Month! National Chicken month is a time to recognize the contributions of our 123 Manitoba Chicken Producers farmers and chicken farmers across Canada and celebrate their dedication to farming and commitment to providing a safe, affordable and nutritious food supply to Canadians. Our farmers work hard year-round to ensure consumers always have access to a steady supply of high-quality chicken. This month we also celebrate the many ways to enjoy chicken and to try fun and new chicken recipes to truly appreciate how versatile this great source of protein is.

The Work of Manitoba Chicken Farmers

When it comes to raising their birds, our farmers take the most pride and care to ensure that their chickens are content and healthy. They work hard to provide the highest quality animal care and invest in the latest technologies to care for their chickens during their life cycle.

Did you know that Canadian farmers are all mandated to follow the Raised by a Canadian Farmer programs? These programs set out the regulations and guidelines for the care and handling of the birds that they raise. There are strict guidelines they must follow, and each program is audited on a regular basis to ensure that farming practices are consistently held to a high standard. Canadian chicken is given the stamp of approval with the “Raised by a Canadian Farmer” logo which provides consumers with additional assurance that the chicken you purchase at the grocery is safe, regulated, of high-quality and proudly raised by caring farmers.

Our New Recipe and Education Booklet

We’re serving up some chicken fundamentals in our brand new Now You’re Cooking with Manitoba Chicken Youth Education Booklet to help you choose chicken more often and to celebrate National Chicken Month. In this book you will find some fabulous family-friendly recipes that are great for getting kids and youth in the kitchen, a variety of chicken farming facts, and some handy food safety tips to help junior cooks learn the ins and outs of food preparation and cooking.

Did you know that certain cuts of chicken keep longer in the refrigerator or freezer? It is always helpful to label your chicken in freezer bags when storing to ensure you know exactly when to use it up by. This handy storage chart is one of many great food safety tips you will find throughout the booklet.

Ever wonder what came, first, the chicken or the egg? Check out this awesome graphic depicting the life cycle of a chicken – starting with the fertilized egg.

If you’re interested in receiving your own copy of this brand-new resource, contact us at: Please provide your name and mailing address and we will be happy to send you one.

Facebook Live Kitchen Party

On September 1 at 7 p.m. CST we will be kicking off National Chicken Month with an extra special Facebook live kitchen party celebration. We will be joined by special guest Karlee (Friesen) Penner, a fourth-generation chicken farmer. She has been farming since she was old enough to walk through the barns. Karlee will share her story about why she loves farming with her parents and husband, and she will also help Gina Sunderland, Manitoba Chicken Producers Food and Consumer Relations Specialist dietitian prepare two fabulous recipes from our Now Your Cooking with Manitoba Chicken education booklet. We’re looking forward to showing you how to make our brand-new Chicken Cheeseburger Pizza and our tried and true Crispy Parmesan Chicken Strips recipes. We’ll also have great prize packs for you to win that include a $50.00 grocery gift card just for tuning-in. We’re looking forward to hosting you!