september-15th-is-manitoba-open-farm-day-come-out-and-visit-the-collet-family-chicken-farmbabaduke September 15th is Manitoba Open Farm Day - Come Out and Visit the Collet Family Chicken Farm! - Manitoba Chicken

Have you ever visited a broiler chicken farm before? If you haven’t, Open Farm Day 2019 is your chance! Manitoba Chicken Producers is happy to be a part of this fantastic event again, where you can tour a chicken farm or visit the Farm and Food Discovery Centre to learn more about our industry.

Collet Family’s Modern Broiler Barn

Visit the Collet Family Chicken Farm  

Come visit the Collet Farm where Gilles and Lucille, along with their son Claude, daughter-in-law Corinne and their 5 children raise chickens. The Collet’s have a beautiful farm in Notre Dame de Lourdes, Manitoba. They will show you their two week old broiler chickens and share real-life stories about running a multi-generational farm. The key element to their success is harmoniously sharing chores, business operations, animal care, and barn and equipment maintenance.

The Corinne Collet reports the most rewarding part of being a chicken farmer is “getting to see their product from start to finish.” She shared, “we’ve been chicken farming for four years now, and it’s still just as exciting to get the next flock as when we first started. We love the fast pace of chicken farming, and there’s always something new to learn in this industry. The best part is getting to work with family!”

Gilles and Claude Collet Inside Broiler Barn

Clarisse Collet, eldest daughter of Claude and Corinne

The Collet Farm is one of Manitoba’s 122 registered chicken farms proudly providing a healthy, safe and nutritious supply of chicken to our communities. Be sure to visit them and make time to stay for lunch made from delicious Manitoba grown chicken!

During your visit you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and learn fascinating facts. Did you know Manitoba chicken farmers:

  • Raise chickens year-round inside barns so you always have fresh chicken;
  • Keep chickens indoors to protect them from disease, predators and harsh weather;
  • Ensure chickens always have access to plenty of grain-feed and clean water;
  • Never raise broiler chickens in cages. Chickens are all free-run, meaning they roam freely in spacious barns;
  • Always raise their chickens without added hormones or steroids.

Hours for visiting: 10:30 am to 3 pm, Sunday, September 15, 2019. For details and directions visit: Open Farm Day Host Farms, Central Region Map, Host Site 31.

Farm and Food Discovery Centre

The Bruce D Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre is a fabulous place to learn more about agriculture in Manitoba! Join us at the Farm and Food Discovery Centre, located at the Glenlea Research Station. You’ll be toured through our educational display and have your chicken farming questions answered by our Manitoba Chicken Producers experts! Hours: 10 am to 4 pm. Located 14 km south of the Perimeter on Hwy #75. For details and directions visit: Open Farm Day, East Region Map, Host Site 47

Open Farm Day General Information

What to wear?
Sturdy footwear, dress in layers and bring a hat, sunglasses and bug spray. You should also include rain gear as Open Farm Day will take place, rain or shine.

What to bring?
You may want to bring a phone/camera, backpack and water bottle. You may also want to bring money to buy produce and products that will be available for purchase on some of the farm sites.

Can I bring my pet?
Please leave all pets at home.

Will there be washrooms?
The Collet farm and the Farm and Food Discovery Centre both have washrooms available for visitors.

For more information visit: Manitoba Open Farm Day 2019

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We hope to see you there!