season-29-great-tastes-of-manitoba-show-2-on-a-roll-with-manitoba-chickenbabaduke SEASON 29: GREAT TASTES OF MANITOBA, SHOW 2: “ON A ROLL” WITH MANITOBA CHICKEN - Manitoba Chicken

Manitoba Chicken Producers’ Food & Consumer Relations Specialist dietitian, Gina Sunderland will be represented Manitoba Chicken for their second episode of Great Tastes of Manitoba, on CTV Winnipeg, Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 6:30 pm. On this show Gina and host Dez Daniels will made three delicious, simple “rolled” recipes featuring local, everyday ingredients.

We love these recipes so much, we’re certain you’ll want to try making all three. Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Product Ambassador, Aaron Alblas shows you how to pair beverages with each of these fun recipes making them perfect choices for all of your entertaining needs!

We’re excited to have shared these three flavourful “rolled” recipes: Chicken & Pesto Pizza Buns, Chicken & Ricotta Lasagna Rolls, and Tropical Chicken Taquitos. Tune in or watch the videos to learn how to make these delicious, entertaining friendly recipes.

Episode 2: “On a Roll” with Manitoba Chicken Aired October 27

Featured Recipes

Chicken & Pesto Pizza Buns

View Great Tastes of Manitoba Chicken & Pesto Pizza Buns video here.

Chicken & Ricotta Lasagna Rolls

View Great Tastes of Manitoba Chicken & Ricotta Lasagna Rolls video here.

Tropical Chicken Taquitos

View Great Tastes of Manitoba Tropical Chicken Taquitos video here.