mcp-satisfied-with-council-decision-on-annual-speciality-quota-programbabaduke MCP SATISFIED WITH COUNCIL DECISION ON ANNUAL SPECIALITY QUOTA PROGRAM - Manitoba Chicken

Manitoba Chicken Producers (MCP) is pleased with the Manitoba Farm Products Marketing Council’s (Council) decision to uphold the introduction of the Annual Speciality Quota Program.

Launched January 1, 2017, the Annual Speciality Quota Program provides improved opportunities for smaller scale farmers to meet the demand for different types of meat chickens.  The introduction of this new program had been appealed but the Council’s decision supports the program in its entirety, with the exception of postponing an administrative charge.  The charge was part of a transitional provision that impacted a handful of farmers who were long-term participants in a previous program.

Council confirmed that MCP had held consultations with industry, government, producers, and non-registered producers before adopting and implementing the program, and that MCP had responded properly when the Appellants asked for a review of the program prior to its implementation.  Council also acknowledged that programs have to change from time to time to reflect the challenges of marketing chicken in an ever-changing Manitoba poultry industry.

“We believe the decision is fair and reasonable.  Allowing the Annual Speciality Quota Program to continue means more choices for consumers, and more options for farmers.” said Wayne Hiltz, MCP’s Executive Director.