Manitoba has 122 registered chicken farmers proudly raising nutritious, high quality chicken for you and your family.

This is our pledge to you:

  • Our chickens are free-roaming, grain fed, and raised without hormones or steroids.
  • Our chickens are raised by Manitobans for Manitobans. You are our most important customer.
  • Our farms raise chickens year round so you can enjoy fresh chicken anytime.
  • Our farms follow mandatory on-farm food safety and animal care programs so you get high quality, wholesome chicken.
  • Our farms are registered with Manitoba Chicken Producers, a farmer run organization that ensures we raise enough chicken to meet demand, and ensures we get a fair price for the chickens we raise.

Chicken from registered Manitoba farms is available fresh in stores and restaurants throughout Manitoba and northwestern Ontario. Look for, and ask for, these names to ensure you’re getting locally raised chicken:

Dunn-Rite Granny’s
Heritage Lane Farms Waldner Meats

Specialty Products

In addition to the excellent variety of bone in, boneless, and ground Manitoba chicken products, some specialty chicken products are also available in stores and restaurants. These products have the same great taste as other chicken.

Heavy Roasting Chickens – fresh or frozen chickens weighing over 2 kilograms. Excellent for roasting or on the barbecue. Look for the Heritage Lane Farms and Waldner Meats labels.

Halal chicken – raised and slaughtered in accordance with Islamic dietary laws. Look for the Waldner Meats Halal label.

Raised Without Antibiotics look for the Granny’s label at Save On Foods. Chicken meat never contains antibiotics or antibiotic residues regardless whether the bird was raised with or without antibiotics.