5-game-day-ideasbabaduke 5 GAME DAY IDEAS - Manitoba Chicken

This Sunday is the 104th Grey Cup and great food will definitely be part of the game day fun.  If you’re in charge of the kitchen, and don’t want to miss any of the big plays, look for recipes that can be made ahead or require very little work on the day.  Here are some tasty ideas to score points with your family and friends.


Lemon Pepper Wings

Wings 2 Ways

Wings are classic game day food.  With only 2 ingredients, Lemon Pepper Wings are super quick. For intense flavour, toss the wings with lemon pepper and refrigerate overnight.

If some like it hot, and some don’t, Wings 2 Ways will keep everyone happy.  Half the wings are done with a hot sauce, and the other half tossed with a homemade honey garlic sauce.

Chicken Pockets

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese Wonton Bites

These tasty Chicken Pockets are filled with ground chicken, sundried tomato pesto and Mozzarella.  Make them ahead and reheat at game time.

Faster than you can say Spicy Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese Wonton Bites your guests will be devouring these crispy snacks.


For something big and hearty enough to satisfy a linebacker serve Baked Chicken Ragu. The sauce has chicken thighs, ham, pancetta and cream!  Make it the day before so all you need to do on game day is combine the sauce with cooked pasta and cheese and pop the casserole in the oven.  

Baked Chicken Ragu

Baked Chicken Ragu

Since no party is complete without a treat here’s one from Dairy Farmers of Canada.  Fry these Lime Ricotta Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes the day before, then reheat in the oven when you’re ready for dessert. 

Lime Ricotta Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes