Turkey or Chicken?

Turkey or Chicken?

What’s your poultry preference for Thanksgiving?  We debated that question in my house earlier this week.  Turkey is traditional but we’re a small group this year and 15 lbs of turkey goes a very long way.  Instead we’re going with a big roasting chicken from Heritage Lane Farms.  At 5-8 lb each, these roasting chickens are the perfect size for small families to enjoy for dinner and perhaps another meal.  Heritage Lane Farms supplies Steinbach butcher shops, and many of the butcher shops and specialty grocers in Winnipeg.

If you’re choosing chicken too, our Ultimate Roast Chicken recipe can help you get the bird ready for the oven and figure out how long to roast it.  Plus the recipe includes a delicious Onion Gravy.  And once your chicken is cooked, our carving video will show you an easy way to cut up the bird for serving.

We like trying new recipes at family gatherings – fortunately my family is quite forgiving with “experimental” cooking.  Here are some ideas for side dishes that might impress your family.  I’ve tried all of these and my family gives them a thumbs up.

Spicy Slaw – inspired by Korean kimchi, this coleslaw has some kick!  And it’s best made a day ahead.
Cranberry Rice Pilaf – a great alternative to stuffing
Whole Wheat Soda Bread – you might want to make a second loaf for breakfast the next day.  Warmed up with a bit of butter and jam…
Potato Flan  – this yummy alternative to mashed potatoes is a Dairy Farmers of Manitoba recipe from Great Tastes of Manitoba

The poultry debate lead to a sauce debate – traditional cranberry sauce, a variation thereof, or something completely different.  These ideas are on our short list.

Onion Marmalade – three kinds of onions caramelized with red wine
Cranberry Salsa – sweet and spicy with fresh cranberries, jalapeno pepper, cilantro and lime juice
Grilled Corn Salsa  – lots of crunch, a bit of heat and cranberry free.  Double or triple the recipe to make a great starter salad.

Whatever you’re serving this Thanksgiving, I hope your weekend is filled with love, laughter, family and food.