Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, a day for enjoying Mexican food and culture.  Here are our picks for celebrating the flavours of Mexico.

Chicken Enchiladas with Molé

Chicken Enchilada w MoleLike many culinary traditions, molé was invented by accident.  Legend has it that nuns in a Mexican convent were surprised by a visit from the archbishop and had to create a quick meal.  They grabbed some chilies, herbs, nuts, bread, chocolate and broth, mashed them together using a mortar and pestle, then cooked the mixture to make a sauce.  When asked what the delicious sauce was, the nuns, perhaps shocked by the success of their concoction, just called it “molé” – the Spanish pronunciation of the Aztec word for sauce!  Our version of this signature Mexican sauce uses ancho chilies, peanut butter, oregano, tortilla chips, chocolate and chicken stock. With hints of heat, smoke and cocoa, it’s perfect with Chicken Enchiladas.

Tropical Chicken Taquitos

Tropical Chicken TaquitosTaquitos are soft tortillas wrapped around a savoury filling.  They’re often fried but this version is baked until crispy.  This recipe uses jalapeno for heat, fresh pineapple for sweet, and barbecue sauce for a hint of smokiness.


Margarita Chicken

Margarita ChickenMarinate chicken breasts in lime and tequila then grill for a quick meal. We serve these with Grilled Corn Salsa, and a pitcher of margaritas of course.



Chicken Veracruz

Chicken VeracruzThis one pot meal was inspired by the Veracruz region of Mexico. Boneless chicken breasts are braised in a sauce that includes sun dried tomatoes, Serrano chili pepper, green olives, capers and white wine.