Easter can be a time for traditional meals, or a time to think a little bit outside the box.  For the traditionalist, roast chicken is simple and delicious.  For this version we’ve added lemons and some herb butter.  For carving instructions, check out our how to video.

Roast Chicken With Lemons






If your family loves stuffing but really prefers white meat, these chicken breast roasts might be just the thing.  The recipe video shows you how to make the roasts.

Chicken Breast Roasts with Savoury Stuffing





If you’re looking for something a little different, this next recipe needs only 45 minutes of cooking time, and delivers tons of flavour.  It starts with a spatchcocked chicken and adds root vegetables and a sauce with pomegranate juice, orange and thyme.

 Pomegranate Orange Chicken

If you’re doing an Easter brunch or a potluck, lasagna is always welcome.  This one has roasted asparagus and chicken in a creamy white wine sauce.  It can easily be prepared a day ahead.

Chicken and Asparagus Lasagna